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Ferndale Community Transistions

Ferndale Community Transitions (FCT) serves clients who are aged 18 to 21 years old and demonstrate potential for independent living. This program offers opportunities to fulfill graduation requirements and provides community based pre-employment learning experiences through internships at local businesses. Service to FCT clients is based on an adult service agency model. Along with parents and FCT staff, each client collaboratively develops an individual action plan and schedule designed to meet their specific needs. Action plans vary according to the differing needs of FCT clientele, but fall into four primary categories:

Graduation requirement focus – client is primarily focused on completing on-line courses, packets or projects in order to meet graduation requirements for a Certificate of Individual Achievement. Clients in this group will also participate in initial internship experiences.

Community-based learning group – client is primarily focused on community based transitions learning experiences. Clients will complete advanced internships in a variety of community based contexts.

College bound group – client will enroll in Whatcom Community College, Bellingham Technical College or some other training program.

Consultation group – client participate in on-going work to complete individual learning plan while working in paid employment.

Community Transitions Contacts

Mitch Morrison
Teacher & Case Manager

Kim Tisovec